IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure put simply is the delivery of a broad range of telecommunications and networking services of exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our unique experience in multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-service networks makes us the ideal choice for projects of all sizes.

Products & Solutions for your infrastructure:

Server and Storage:

we not only install your servers / storage and mount them in your RACK, but also configure and operate all of your hardware.

Server and Storage
Fig:Server and Storage

Power and Cooling:

inteslar Power and Cooling Service offer provides protection against many of the primary causes of data loss, hardware damage and downtime.

Power and Cooling
Fig:Power and Cooling

Racking Solutions:

inteslar has the expertise in delivering highly efficient and intelligent rack and infrastructure solutions for existing or new IT data centers.

Server Racking Solution
Fig:Server Racking Solutions


inteslar is proud of its exceptional experts in networking (both data & voice), we connect all of your routers, switches from your branch offices to your HQ via VPN, we can also configure all of your networking devices, give us a call and you wont regret it.

Fig: Networking

For more info regarding IT Infrastructure and Networking, please contact us